Allow to override automatic localization

I’ve noticed a code change where the start of the week is localized.

I’ve run into so many issues because SW not allowing me to change the date/time format and the start of the week myself.

In Canada we use Sunday as the start of the week (which makes no sense unless you are in the Middle East), we use the 12h and the 24h clock, and we use way too many date formats. There is no proper standard in Canada for date and time. However, the Canadian and US (which is also often used in Canada) localizations are both using Sunday as the start of the week.

I always set my formats to YYYY-MM-DD/24h/Monday no matter which locale or region I set (except in the Middle East, where I use Sunday as the start of the week).

I hope that it will somehow be possible to make these changes to the localization in atuin as well (or a hardcoded unambiguous date/time format at least).