Always-on inline autocomplete

I would like Atuin to provide functionality similar to zsh-autosuggestions: when typing a command, without pressing any hotkeys, either:

  • A command is suggested inline that starts with (not just contains) what I typed. Pressing Tab/Enter/right arrow accepts.
  • A dropdown menu of commands that start with (not just contain) what I typed. Arrows work on this menu, Enter accepts.

Normal Atuin menu isn’t affected, and is available for more fuzzy matching. The inline autocomplete can also be somewhat fuzzy but less so to be less intrusive.

As of the most recent release, Atuin will actually integrate with zsh-autosuggestions if you have it installed :smiley:

We set an autocomplete strategy that is pretty much exactly what you described. It uses prefix search so won’t be intrusive

You can actually configure Atuin to use a different search mode depending on which key you press, see: Config | Atuin Docs

EG if you press up, it’ll use prefix search. Ctrl-r can be fuzzy.

I’m happy to explore the autocomplete idea some more though, if you have any other suggestions?

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