Any easy way to reload config?

I just installed Atuin on my ubuntu/zsh dev box and I love it so far, great job! big upgrade from hstr. That said, I can’t figure out how to make it reload config.toml. Was hoping for a shortcut in the UI or a switch on the command but neither seem to exist unless I’m missing something obvious (which is quite likely). Please help!

I’m also new but did you try reopening the shell?

Since I use many tmux sessions, that is very painful

I see. Is this something you’ll need to do often while working? I’m just tying to understand the use case.

After install eval "$(atuin init bash)" was added to the end of my .bashrc maybe there is something similar for zsh that could work for you.


Glad to hear you like it, thank you :blush:

So you don’t actually need to reload config.toml. Atuin has no long-running daemons or processes, and will load the config from scratch every time it starts. Sync runs as a background process right after a command ends, and only lives for the duration of a single sync.

Are you having trouble with some config otherwise?

In the future I’d like to move us to a daemon, and will make sure reloading config is clearly documented :slight_smile:

Thx for the reply Ellie! The reason I assumed that it wasn’t reloading is that a config value appeared not to be getting applied but upon further inspection it was my error. Apologies for the noise.

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