Atuin sync_address not set in config file when using ATUIN_SYNC_ADDRESS= atuin login

So I just set up a new system with atuin and ran ATUIN_SYNC_ADDRESS= atuin login. That worked fine, but then when I tried an atuin sync, it ended up not working because the sync_address in ~/.config/atuin/config.toml wasn’t set. I kinda expected it to be set to my custom sync host. Of course one manual update later and it all worked fine, but it would be nice if the login step could change that automatically.

Mind if I ask what lead you to expect this to be the case? I’d like to clarify the docs if they’re unclear

Making environment variables edit config files would definitely not be a behaviour we’d like - they’re often useful to override existing config temporarily.

It would be nice to make this part of a setup wizard or something though, see

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Yeah, you’re right, having an env var update a config would be kinda surprising I guess.

The onboarding experience makes a lot more sense, I’d be happy with that!

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