Can I use local timezone for my history?

I am in NZ, so I am either 12 or 13 hours ahead of UTC.

When I tried searching for items “after 10am” it shows the history timestamp in UTC time.

Is it possible to story history in local timezones, or does everything default to UTC?

I understand having UTC for sync, but I only have one host setup at the moment, and it would be a nice option for self-hosted instance to also use my local timezones.

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There’s the start of this going on here, for the history list/search commands: Allow specifying a timezone in history search/list by cyqsimon · Pull Request #1517 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub

Once it’s in the config we can apply it elsewhre

Fwiw, we will always store UTC, but use the config file to change how it’s displayed. Everything is a unix timestamp (nanoseconds though) internally.


Cool thanks, I can wait until it’s ready to try it out :+1:

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