Can the colors be changed?

The blue is a bit hard to see in my terminal.

Is there a way to change the colors?

The colors used by Atuin are the ones defined by your terminal, so you could change your terminal settings so that the colors are more defined.

There’s no way to customize the colors used by Atuin. In this case it’s just using whatever your terminal uses for Blue.


Otherwise, there’s an issue for more flexible colour theming here:

what exactly do you mean by “terminal settings”. man pages, less, gcc all have correct colors using the settings in my .bashrc, but the output from Atuin is unreadable. I am using solorized-light colors. Please see attached image.

This is something that always irked me as well. I have noticed that many apps/commands use blue (the default, not the light blue) that is hard to read in a terminal with a dark background.
The easiest solution is to configure the terminal to show that color in a slightly ligher blue that is easier to read.

I’ve actually got an implementation of this that I have been using for a few months now - it’s on top of this work here though, so I hadn’t prepped for PR until I was sure it would be mergeable. Essentially, it switches any coloured text to a use a light palette manager, which can use a preset or load overrides from a config YAML in the config directory.

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Oh excellent! Definitely interested in a PR, for both changes. Sorry I missed your message before, I was sick back then and never really caught up with everything.

Thanks @ellie ! Of course, completely understand and glad you are feeling better - just keen not to chase if there was other WIP (for example, could see the style one underway), so held off tidying up til I got time to check in :slight_smile: PR up for the theming - I have not done Rust in a little while, and first contribution so happy for robust feedback!

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