Changing Enter command to be the same as Tab (after Ctrl-R)

First, I really like the idea of Atuin and look forward to using it a lot.
What I’d like to do is make Enter work like Tab after using Ctrl-r.
I never want to run a command directly from Atuin, I just want it on my command line to edit.
I was looking around the docs and couldn’t see a way of making enter work like tab.
It’s way too easy to run a command again when that’s not what you intended.
Any help is appreciated.

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Never mind - I’m blind
enter_accept = false


Glad you found it! This actually used to be the default, but lots and lots of people asked about making it run directly from Atuin :laughing:

Fwiw - enter_accept instructs your shell to execute the command immediately, it doesn’t run anything as a child of Atuin