Colored / Different format for different hosts on global mode


I discovered Atuin recently and it is such a wonderful tool. It really helps!

I use it on my Macs and Linux machines (Fedora, Pop_OS).

While a really love the global search, I sometimes fell into commands that are only valid for a different host without paying attention, like a config file located on a specific path or a command that cannot work due to the installed distro (like trying to dnf on an apt based package manager).

In those specific cases, I sometimes wish that Atuin had a sort of way to differentiate results per hosts in the global view at a graphical level, like a color, a highlight or any different format.

That would help to differentiate commands that would not work on all machines while keeping the exhaustive listing of the global search.

This way we could just tab the result and adapt as necessary rather than running into an error and troubleshoot afterwards.

This “origin tag” could also be added to the inspector view, which would add another functionality.

I hope I could explain the idea well, thanks for your hard work!

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When you press ^R to search, you’re in a particular filter view: sounds like “global” from your comments, and the default.

If you press ^R again, you cycle through some others, one of which is “host”, which only shows commands from the same host.

You can cycle like this with a search applied, so if you see a result in global mode, but it disappears in host mode, it was from a different host.

Not quite the same thing: for your example, seeing the command is still wanted but you want a cue that it can’t be used directly. Also, the filter might be different (apt commands are fine for any of a collection of hosts of a particular type, for example… and in fact “install that package I needed the other day on the other machine” is exactly the kind of command you want to find again cross-host.

Thank you for your reply, you’re talking about cycling the different views between global, hosts, session, directory, etc. ?

That’s certainly useful but not what I had in mind. I’m talking about adding some kind of visual “tag” on each command per host in the global view.