Command inspector design/layout

The new command inspector is neat! It’s info I didn’t know I wanted.

I saw you were asking for feedback. There are a few things that tripped me up.

The Previous and Next command are really visually prominent, but they’re not related to the command on the screen. I mistakenly thought the info on screen was for the Previous command until I realized it was Command I was looking at.

Second is that Previous and Next look to me like navigation, I don’t know how to navigate with them. Am I supposed to? I looked at the commands at the top of the screen, pressed some keys that I thought would do it, and in the list of shortcuts but found nothing.

Finally, the I think the histograms (exit code dist, runs per day, duration over time) could be more scan-able. With the vertical bars having all different widths which makes is difficult to jump from one box to the next. The horizontal lines on the bars are helpful, but are a little muddled next to all the borders and other numbers. I’m not sure I have a suggestion about how to solve this. One thing that’s helped me solve similar problems in the past is to define dividers more with spacing and less with hard lines.

Thanks for Atuin!


You are not supposed to navigate them, as far as I know. But that is actually a neat idea. I can imagine exploring the commands I run, maybe more for fun than profit though, by switching between command inspector windows for the subsequent commands using key shortcuts. That could be fun, indeed.

Thanks for the feedback!

The changes I’m thinking of making so far are

Better session navigation

You’re not the only person who’s mentioned this. I’m thinking of overhauling the inspector to show a list of all commands that occured in the same session as the selected one, allowing you to navigate past sessions with context.

Remove stats

While cool, the terminal isn’t that flexible when we want to show in-depth charts and UI. I’ll move it elsewhere and reconsider


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