Edit commands directly in history view

It would be really nice if commands could be edited in the history view. What i mean is, when you go through your command history, these commands should be appear in the textbox what is currently the search bar. And from there you should be able to edit your command and then press enter to run it. This would feel like a more “complete” solution instead of returning back to your shell and edit it there. That would also mean the current search feature should be appear when hitting ctrl-s or whatever key combination. Maybe a second bar will appear under it or in the middle of the window.

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This means all the editing feature of the shell functions, e.g. vi/emacs-style keybindings, move/delete forward/backward a shell word, completing various things, syntax highlighting.

I think this is a nice idea in theory, but as @lilydjwg said there’s a huge amount involved in creating a proper line editor. Perhaps someday, but it’s not going to happen any time soon

Would love to see this someday :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe just start with a simple edit.