Editable secrets filter

It would be nice to add custom entries to the secrets filter. In particular, I’d like to add qrterminal. I often use qrterminal to transfer long passwords to mobile devices, but of course I don’t really want that to end up in my command history. Currently I use the space character prefix method to hide it from history, but that’s easy to forget. Atuin’s secrets filter seems like the perfect feature to use to avoid this.


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You can use history_filter for custom patterns


history_filter = [
   "^innocuous-cmd .*--secret=.+"

This should go in your Atuin config file, which by default is at ~/.config/atuin/config.toml

Read more here: Config | Atuin Docs

It’s separate to the secrets_filter so that users can provide a set of their own custom values, while Atuin can continue to ignore a set of known secret patterns.

It sounds like qrterminal might make sense as a known default though! It would be awesome if you’re able to contribute to the secrets_filter - it’s defined here: atuin/atuin-client/src/secrets.rs at main · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub