Enable inline_height and compact ui by default

I’m looking to change some defaults - specifically, change Atuin to no longer take the full screen, and to use a slightly different UI style

Details here:

If you have opinions there, I’d really appreciate you reacting to the PR! The votes there will decide if I merge it or not.

I’m also open to feedback on how to collect this kind of information in the future.

I reference the possibility of opt-in telemetry in the PR, as it would be nice to be able to see how most people configure things. If generally people deviate from the defaults, it would make sense to change the defaults.

But if this kind of polling works out ok, then maybe it’s not needed.

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FWIW I’d prefer this kind of polling to telemetry. However you will also get input mostly from your most hard-core fans this way, so I recognize that telemetry might give you more representative results.

Also, from personal experience, opt-in means that you’ll also get very few people enabling it, mostly hardcore fans again, so that will offset it again. Rock: meet hard place! ;] I don’t think it should be opt-out though. That will leave a sour taste in most people’s mouths, especially these days.

Lastly, I think the survey might be a tad confusing as written - at least for me. I could interpret the :+1:t3: as either “I like it full screen” or “I like the change”. I’m not entirely sure what I voted for, but I meant it as “I like it full screen”.


Me too! I’m thinking I’ll leave it open, and link to it from the next release notes. Once that’s gone out, I’ll either merge or close the PR.

But yeah there’s definitely going to be a bias. I think those that are likely to vote on GitHub are those who are both extra engaged AND extra technical.

Those who enable telemetry are probably just engaged.

From a data-accuracy angle, opt-out telemetry would be best. But it’s not something I’m willing to do :person_shrugging: Some data is better than none, really.

Serves me right for editing it a bunch - adjusted, thank you.

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