Error during installation, weird effects after uninstall

I recently tried to install Atuin with the Script on Fedora and selected cargo as the package manager as this was to first prompt (I have to admit, without knowing anything about cargo). Unfortunetly during the installation process my pc crashed and interrupted the installation. Afterwards I noticed that everytime I opened a terminal this was prompted twice:
bash: atuin: command not found...
Also when I try to execute a command that is not found the same thing happens and a % appears next to ~ (what I hear signals a shell with root priviliges).
I tried uninstalling Atuin and reinstalled it via brew, which worked but did not get rid of the double prompt.
Any attempts to uninstall atuin completely did not get rid of the issue and the same with deleting any atuin files.

I know this is not much to go from but any help would be much appreciated, as I am quite new to Linux and don’t know my way around things yet. I guess I would want to remove everything that the installer affected.
If there is anymore information that would be helpful, I’ll do my best to provide that.

We also add a shell integration. If you edit your .bashrc, and remove anything relating to Atuin

It should look like:

eval "$(atuin init bash)"

It depends on your shell + prompt, but won’t be that unless you’re running sudo or logged in as root (avoid doing that if you can). It’s more likely to signal a failure exit code.

Oh that simple of a solution xD
But thanks a lot for the help

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