Feature request: move --disable-up-arrow & --disable-ctrl-r to the config.toml file

General Feedback: I like it! But you know already… :slight_smile:

I haven’t used any other command line options so far, but maybe this is a good idea in general.

To make my life easier, I have created a little shell script, to scp over my ~/.config/atuin/config.toml file to all hosts, VMs and users I want to use Atuin.
Login by SSH keys is a requirement so far.

Maybe I’ll extend it to use 1Password CLI password inclusion, as I don’t have root login for all my hosts…



set -e

declare -a atuin_logins_n_paths=(


for login_n_path in "${atuin_logins_n_paths[@]}"; do


  echo "ssh $login \"if [[ ! -d ${home_path}/.config/atuin ]]; then mkdir -p ${home_path}/.config/atuin; fi\""
  ssh $login "if [[ ! -d ${home_path}/.config/atuin ]]; then mkdir -p ${home_path}/.config/atuin; fi"
  echo "Copying config.toml to $login_n_path"
  scp $script_dir/config.toml "$login_n_path/.config/atuin/config.toml"

But with the command line approach, I can’t sync over all my config, as I have to change the invocation with command line parameters on all my hosts.

Yep, this really should just be in the config.toml. I can see how it logically makes sense (they affect the generation of atuin init) but at least having them also read from the config file would be useful.