Feature request: option to show duplicates in search results

Currently atuin search ignores duplicates and only shows the latest one. This makes sense in interactive use when I’m finding a command to run. But since atuin records a lot of commands with contexts, I start to want to search a repeated command to see where (host), when and how frequently I ran them.

I ran into this issue in the past, too. It certainly would have its uses.

In my case, I would probably need to expand the FR even more. I usually lack this feature when I am certain I ran a specific command on one of my machines, on a specific day, maybe, but I need to find the other 5 commands that correspond to that one command I am certain of, but are run in other contexts, too. This essentially prevents me from searching the history as a sequence of contexts, each context comprising several commands run sequentially (I use the word “context” here as a subsequence of the whole sequence of commands, nothing directly implemented by Atuin).

I would love to have support for such a use case. Integrated into the TUI, but maybe into atuin search (showing a configurable number of commands run around the found command?) as well. In the case of TUI, I would love to be able to filter on hosts, workspaces, time (day, hours?), and show a list of commands (the entire context) at that time, where one can jump around the list as in Vim search mode, for example. So that one writes the command they are certain of, jump between the results, and for each result, look at the context to see whether that is the context they are looking for.

While not completely addressing the use-case, the new inspector feature does show some interesting stats and linked commands prev/next.

I’d love to be able to search by narrowing down to a command, then once the command is selected, widen the search again to see the nearby history - as you say, with all the interactive filter options.

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I would love to see the number execs for a command in the search results, and as mentioned above, widen the search for all the executions to see nearby history.

I just recently ran a command (by accident, that I really didn’t want to from two months ago), and looking at the search it felt like i’d never run the command before (which resulted in unwanted anxiety as to how it got there).

ctrl-o proved me wrong, but having a more detailed history of a given command would have been helpful.