Feedback on the Inspector

Loving the new inspector. Very handy - that duration over time will be useful, since I often want to track timings and weeks later forget where I wrote down the last set of timings.

A few points:

  • the time seems to be UTC
  • Duraton over time only shows a single run. Not sure if that’s because it’s new, so older durations aren’t known?
  • it would be good if the “Previous/Next command” honored the current search pattern.
  • and following on from that, a left-arrow, right-arrow to then move through the commands

Thank you for the feedback!

I have had mixed feedback on the stats tbh. I’m thinking of moving stats from the inspector over to some kind of extended atuin stats

it would be good if the “Previous/Next command” honored the current search pattern.

The intent here is less about exploring the search results, and more for exploring that specific command from the results. So previous/next is from the session that command belongs to

I know it’s not great for that right now. Instead of what is there at the moment, would it be more useful to be able to scroll through lists of

  • instances of that command (so every time it was ran, showing location/time/etc. For instance, ls from /home/ellie, ls from /Users/ellie/src/atuin, etc

  • the session a command was in, with all commands that came before or after it

the time seems to be UTC

There is some ongoing work for timezones elsewhere, so we can probably integrate that: Allow specifying a timezone in history search/list by cyqsimon · Pull Request #1517 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub