History count on remote shown as 0

When I run atuin status (current git main f9fa441d), I get an output that doesn’t make sense to me:

Sync frequency: 10m
Last sync: 2024-03-01 19:13:46.346303 +00:00:00
History count: 4788
Deleted history count: 0

Address: https://<redacted>
Username: <redacted>
History count: 0

The remote shows a history count of 0. Syncing works and there are entries in the database.

I am using

records = true

so maybe this has something to do with it.


Sync v2 is still being polished, hence it’s not the default just yet.

It syncs records, not history. Most of the time records are history, but not always. The remote history table for you is empty, because it’s all in the record store instead.

We should probably just hide that from the status if the new sync is enabled. We could replace it with the remote record count, but I’d rather avoid a bunch of remote counts atm

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Thanks for the info.