Hostname in TUI - Overview and Inspector

So, before I run off and create a feature request for this, I thought I’d ask here, because chances are I’m just misssing the config option:

I have N machines (currently two) that sync their shell histories. Both run zsh, both have identical .zshrc files, and the sync works well.

atuin history list with the correct --format shows the hostnames just fine.

However, the TUI does not show the hostnames in filter_mode global, and even the inspector does not show the hostname.

So, am I missing some config for this or should I create a feature request?

Here’s my config.toml:

sync_address = ""
history_format = "{time} | {duration} | {host} | {command}"

and my server.toml is empty, so all defaults.

Hey! Welcome to the forum

You’re right - it’s not yet supported in the search. Mostly because it would involve a whole bunch of changes and I’m not sure if enough users want it.

Otherwise, it would be pretty straightforward to add to the inspector!

Could you give this a :+1: please?

I gave the top post of the issue a :+1: - hope that’s what you meant :slight_smile:

And today I learned that -i is the flag used to launch the TUI. Always something new :slight_smile: keep up the good work, atuin is a treat.

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