How to edit site doco now?

Last I was on, one was able to edit the doco and do a PR. No longer :face_holding_back_tears:

I was going to add in the ctrl-o then ctrl-d to delete entries that are to be removed.

Currently the docs for deletion are mentioned here:
Key Binding | Atuin Docs and search | Atuin Docs

but I felt it was important to soup it up a touch. Ive had a few trivial leaks worth cleaning up…

It’s all here!

Lmk if you need help with it, but thank you for cleaning things up

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Nice. Will get on to it.

I feel that doco is about all I can do on your project! The rate of progress is mind-boggling. Every time I check there are big chunks of change and yet another dot-version released! :woozy_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I like the way we can edit md docs on github, which are then pushed into whatever tool is burping out the pages.

Im helping on another project to get its doco up to scratch and they wish to move from pure github to… something else.

Would you mind divulging the underlying server that’s used for (is it Astro?)

If you wish to PM it, thats ok.

yep, it’s astro! built on starlight

The config is here: docs/astro.config.mjs at main · atuinsh/docs · GitHub

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