How to remove secrets from my history?

I got secrets in my history. Any way to remove them?

I know about the regexes, but I’m guessing they are only to prevent the secrets from being imported.

Have a look at the search command search | Atuin Docs, in particular the --delete switch allows to remove the entries matching your query


thanks @mariosangiorgio!

This will also be possible from the UI in the next release


Thanks everyone, I was able to do:

atuin search | gitleaks detect --pipe -r report.json
cat report.json | jq -r '.[] | " atuin search --delete " + .Secret' | sort -u
shred --remove report.json


cat ~/.local/share/zsh/history | gitleaks detect --pipe -r report.json
cat report.json | jq -r '.[] | " sed -i '\''/" + .Secret + "/d'\'' ~/.local/share/zsh/history"' | sort -u
shred --remove report.json

FWIW I had to add --limit 10000000 --filter-mode global to ensure I got everything. But thanks for that - TIL that gitleaks is a thing! ;]

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If this is something you run into a bunch, Atuin has a few features that may help

  1. The secrets filter. This is a set of regex, which are used to filter out history to save. By default it has a few API keys formats: Config | Atuin Docs

I’d actually love contributions there! New cases should be very easy to add

  1. The history filter. This is a configurable list of regex to ignore. Kinda like the above, but you can configure it per-client

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