Init `--disable-dotfiles-aliases` option

My usual shell is fish, but sometimes I run bash to run some bash scripts/commands.
That gives an error at startup, because I’ve got fish aliases set in dotfiles alias that don’t work under bash:

> bash
bash: eval: line 501: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: eval: line 501: `alias uc='unicode --brief --max (math (tput lines) - 5)''

It would be nice if I could put something like
eval "$(atuin init --disable-dotfiles-aliases bash)"
in my .bashrc, to prevent that from happening.

Ahh that’s not ideal, thanks for mentioning :pray:

You could disable dotfiles in you config, and then enable them just for fish with ATUIN_DOTFILES__ENABLED=true atuin init fish..., though the ergonomics there aren’t amazing

Instead of being able to disable them, would it be better to be able to configure which shell they apply to?

This could then be extended to allow for configuring which host they apply to as well

Sure, configuring which shell they apply to would be even nicer, as most aliases do work in bash. Not sure it’s worth the effort though, unless people regularly use multiple shells.

Configuring the host seems a bit overkill, why put aliases in atuin if you’re not going to use them on other hosts anyway?

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It’s been more common than I expected so far! Lots of people don’t change the default, and if they have a mac laptop and linux remote then that’s zsh and bash

Mostly just thinking generically for all dotfiles features. You’re right that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for aliases, but moreso for vars or snippets (not out yet)

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