Is there a way to see commented out commands?

Hi, it seems that if I comment out a command and “run” it, it doesn’t show up in atuin. I assume this is intentional, but I would love to know if there is a way to also include commented out lines.

I usually comment out commands to save them before running, in case I don’t have all the info I need, or need to run other commands before them. With the up arrow and ctrl+r bound to atuin it’s basically impossible to find the commented commands without scrolling manually up.

Could you share atuin doctor please?


  version: 18.2.0
  sync: null
  name: bash
  default: unknown
  - atuin
  - bash-preexec
  os: Ubuntu
  arch: x86_64
  version: '22.04'
  - name: /dev/sdb
    filesystem: ext4
  - name: tools
    filesystem: 9p
  - name: drivers
    filesystem: 9p
  - name: lib
    filesystem: 9p
  - name: C:\134
    filesystem: 9p

Note this is WSL, but this happens also on my fedora computer.

I suspect that the shell doesn’t trigger any pre exec hooks, if a line starts with a #, because the shell doesn’t have to parse the input and run any commands.

Edit: Actually it does:


It’ll be bash-preexec not triggering them correctly, which there’s little we can do to change

If you try blesh, or switching to any other shell, this should no longer occur