Keymap_mode and vim

Hello all,

I absolutely love atuin. I have used if for a while and it has been a true game-changer in my productivity.

One thing I can’t get to work is vim-keybindings however. It’s probably just my thick skull but when I set

keymap_mode = “vim_normal”

…and hit CTRL+R, I expected to be able to navigate the list with k and l and not the arrow keys, but that doesnt seem to happen. (If I hit “k”, I actually search for “k”…) Muscle memory then tells me to hit escape, which gets me back to the prompt … I am sure I am missing something obvious and would be most grateful if someone could enlighten me. Thanks!!

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Thank you, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

This feature will be released in the next version, sorry that’s not so clear in the docs. Should be out in a week or two, slightly delayed as I’ll be at FOSDEM

Thank you!!!

I was banging my head against this… I do realize the docs say vim-normal and I put vim_normal above. (this was one of my desperate attempts of getting this working). Thanks anyways - I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for the new version.

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That is the eagerness working here. I cannot wait for vim mode to land, either. It will be great.

@ellie Out of curiosity, will you be giving a talk at FOSDEM? I will need to keep an eye for a recording, if that is the case. Enjoy the conference.

I won’t be speaking this time! Just meeting a whole bunch of people, it’s good for that :smiley:

I am speaking at Rust Nation next month though! Maybe FOSDEM next year :blush:

Hey again @ellie :slight_smile:
So, the nix package for atuin was just updated to 18.0.0 - and yes! - now “vim-normal” works! A big improvement for an already awesome tool.

Not sure if it is part of v18 or that I now have “vim-normal” but I now get a “selector” that is essentially white foreground with inverted colors background. Is there any way to configure this? (I guess I am asking if I can configure colors at all?) - is there a concept of “themes” in atuin?