Plans for IPv6 support?

It doesn’t seem like the atuin server listens on IPv6 by default. Any way to enable that easily?

edit: running the self-hosted server

btw - it seems that, by default, the client does support and try to use IPv6 if it can, but in my scenario, I was running the server in Docker, where I enable IPv6 by default, so the container was exposed via IPv4 & v6, but the server process in the container wasn’t listening on IPv6 … as near as I can tell. When I switched the container to only listen on IPv4, then the client worked as there wasn’t an IPv6 socket available to try to connect to. Docker definitely complicates things, no question.

Damn, I may have answered my own question … if you set the host to "::" - then it listens on IPv6.

It doesn’t seem to listen on IPv4 anymore … but somehow that seems to be OK in Docker?! … but Docker is exposing the mapped port on IPv4 and IPv6 and seems to be able to route socket connections on both to the IPv6 port listening in the container … :man_shrugging:

This Listen on IPv6, also? · tokio-rs/axum · Discussion #834 · GitHub and atuin/crates/atuin/src/command/ at main · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub were helpful in pointing me in this direction.