Please activate syntax highlighting

I’ve noticed that on this forum many code blocks do not use syntax highlighting:

apache directives
bash commands here

Can you please activate them via Settings > Posting > highlighted languages:

It also makes sense to set default code lang to auto.

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I’ve added apache to the list, though there was already a lot there.

Hmm, there’s something wrong then. There is no syntax highlighting in the guide I just posted. no bash, apache, … nothing. it’s just black and white text.

In fact, I have not seen any highlighting in any posts on this forum.

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I don’t have any highlighting in code blocks either. The resource acquisition is blocked by the web browser (for which I use Google Chrome) for CORS policy:

edit: The same happens in Firefox, Edge, and Google Chrome on Android.

The resource in needs to be configured to have the HTTP header Access-Control-Allow-Origin:

Thanks @akinomyoga!

The CDN we use needed to be adjusted, a recent change meant the headers weren’t quite right. Should be good now.


Thank you! It’s working now.

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