Release v17.1.0

I released Atuin v17.1.0 over the weekend! This is a smaller release, and is mostly fixes and a few smaller features. v18 should be coming soon, and will be much more of a change. (the new sync I’ve been teasing forever should make an appearance!)

New branding

When the original logo was made, all Atuin had was a README. Now we have a website, a forum, socials, discord… and more. I needed something that worked better in a variety of places.

I worked with Andy Carolan on the new logo and mascot design, and am super happy with it! Some new stickers are on the way. Contributors (old and new) will be getting a special design, and there’s a few others too.


This is new too! Currently, Atuin support is split between issues, discussions, and Discord. We end up with a bunch of questions in all of those places.

Ideally, we can handle support here in Discourse.

GitHub issues should be actionable. They’re either a bug (confirmed or possible), a feature request that’s been triaged/waiting to be triaged, or they belong elsewhere. We’ve tried to make GitHub discussions that place, but to be honest they don’t feel anywhere near as nicely integrated as everything else on GitHub. Discord will remain for real-time chat!

There’s still a bunch to be done here, but it’s in progress.


We’re now using git-cliff to maintain a This requires the use of conventional commits, but makes it MUCH easier to track changes! It was also used for this post.

I’m still thinking of the best place to host release posts, hence this one going on the forum.


Bug Fixes

  • Initial list of history in workspace mode (#1356)
  • Add Appkit to the package build (#1358)
  • Bind in the most popular modes (#1360)
  • Only trigger up-arrow on first line (#1359)
  • Clean up the fish script options (#1370)
  • Use fish builtins for enter_accept (#1373)
  • Make atuin account delete void session + key (#1393)
  • New clippy lints (#1395)
  • Accept multiline commands (#1418)
  • Reenable enter_accept for bash (#1408)
  • Respect ZSH’s $ZDOTDIR environment variable (#942)


  • Update (#1409)
  • Update Arch Linux package URL in (#1407)
  • New stats config (#1412)


  • Add a nixpkgs overlay (#1357)
  • Add metrics server and http metrics (#1394)
  • Add some metrics related to Atuin as an app (#1399)
  • Allow configuring stats prefix (#1411)
  • Allow spaces in stats prefixes (#1414)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Update to sqlx 0.7.3 (#1416)
  • cargo update (#1419)
  • Update rusty_paseto and rusty_paserk (#1420)
  • Run dependabot weekly, not daily (#1423)
  • Don’t group deps (#1424)
  • Add contributor image to README (#1430)
  • Setup git cliff (#1431)

As usual, thank you so much to all the contributors - old and new :heart_hands:

New Contributors