Release v18.4.0-beta.1

If you’re interested in testing out the GUI and giving feedback, please let me know!


This is a pre-release, and is not as tested as a production build

  1. It may not always be easy and without manual steps to downgrade from a prerelease build to the last stable. It will be possible to upgrade automatically to the next stable after a prerelease.
  2. Prerelease builds are more likely to contain bugs or regressions. They are unlikely to lose data, but do be cautious when running the bleeding edge.
  3. Prerelease builds may contain functionality not yet in a production release. Please let us know what you think!


If you’ve previously used our installer and have atuin-update in your path, you can use

atuin-update --prerelease

Otherwise, you can download prerelease binaries here: Release 18.4.0-beta.1 - 2024-06-25 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub

Or use the installer

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -LsSf | sh

This will download a binary to ~/.atuin/bin/atuin, and add it to PATH. It will also install a binary called atuin-update, which will update users to the latest stable version by default. atuin-update --prerelease will update to the latest prerelease

Otherwise, the following command will work

cargo install --git atuin --tag v18.4.0-beta.1


Nothing major! If you’re using Atuin Cloud, I would appreciate if you can test running

atuin account verify

You should get an email with a command to run, in order to verify your email address. In a future release, this will be used to allow users to reset their passwords (without requiring that they have a valid email)

It can be configured for self-hosted users with Postmark, though password recovery is far easier to do manually there than setting up/maintaining emails.

Bug Fixes

  • (crate) Add missing description (#2106)
  • (crate) Add description to daemon crate (#2107)
  • (gui) Update deps (#2116)
  • (gui) Add support for checking if the cli is installed on windows (#2162)
  • Cargo binstall config (#2112)
  • Unitless sync_frequence = 0 not parsed by humantime (#2154)
  • Some --help comments didn’t show properly (#2176)
  • Ensure we cleanup all tables when deleting (#2191)


  • (daemon) Follow XDG_RUNTIME_DIR if set (#2171)
  • (gui) Automatically install and setup the cli/shell (#2139)
  • (gui) Add activity calendar to the homepage (#2160)
  • (gui) Cache zustand store in localstorage (#2168)
  • (gui) Toast with prompt for cli install, rather than auto (#2173)
  • (history) Filter out various environment variables containing potential secrets (#2174)
  • (tui) Configurable prefix character (#2157)
  • Use cargo-dist installer from our install script (#2108)
  • Add user account verification (#2190)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • (build) Compile protobufs with protox (#2122)
  • (ci) Do not run current ci for ui (#2189)
  • (deps-dev) Bump @tauri-apps/cli in /ui (#2135)
  • (deps-dev) Bump vite from 5.2.13 to 5.3.1 in /ui (#2150)
  • (nix) De-couple atuin nix build from nixpkgs rustc version (#2123)
  • Add installer e2e tests (#2110)
  • Remove unnecessary proto import (#2120)
  • Update to rust 1.78
  • Add audit config, ignore RUSTSEC-2023-0071 (#2126)
  • Setup dependabot for the ui (#2128)
  • Cargo and pnpm update (#2127)
  • Update to rust 1.79 (#2138)
  • Update to cargo-dist 0.16, enable attestations (#2156)

Hello again. I am interested in testing out the GUI. Please, let me know if I can help in any way.

atuin account verify seems to work as expected and there seem to be no issues otherwise as well.

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Excellent, glad it worked :slight_smile:

Thank you, will do! I’ll add you to the list, will reach out when it’s ready :pray:

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Tested atuin account verify and was able to complete the verification

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Hello, I would like to check out the gui if possible. I ran the account verification with no problem at all.


Hey!! Would be interested in testing especially with my large dataset.

Hey @Taubin and @Kysh! Thanks for the interest, will drop you a note when it’s ready :smiley: