Saving edited commands?

hello all. i am so excited to have found atuin- it’s almost as if the dev team read my mind. thank you.

i have a question already, though: when i edit a command from my history, is there any way to save the edited version to history?


As long as you then execute the edited command it’ll end up in your history… But I feel like I’m missing something from your question.

that’s what i thought, but that’s not what i see happening … so i kind of feel like i may be missing somehting …

i guess i should have been a little more detailed when i asked the question…

here’s what i see when I edit my vi .bashrc command to be vi ~/.bashrc:

but i also notice this seems to be only in bash on my remote debian server; my os x zsh works as expected … so i am thinking there is something wonky with how my shell environment is setup in bash…

I don’t really use bash, so I’m not sure about this, but I believe you need either or bash-preexec for atuin to work correctly, see the bash section under Installation | Atuin Docs

The install script should have taken care of that for you, so maybe you didn’t use that?

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that’s it! thank you!

eta: apparently i missed something with the install but i could’ve sworn i followed the instructions to a T … anyway, i tested it out on another debian installation and noticed that the preexec was installed, so i curl’d it and now all is well.

Glad you got it sorted! Thank you @herbcso :pray:

Is there anything we could have done to make it clearer what’s required?

hmmm … i’m honestly not sure that this wasn’t just pebkac.

if anything, maybe mention that bash is a bit of a brat in the quickstart? (i see the other shells behave without extras.)

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Good point, I’ll add that - thanks!

Bash is the only one that doesn’t support hooks + line editor stuff out of the box :frowning:

i noticed that!

funny story: i was all kinds of grumpy when apple replaced bash with zsh because i remember how magnificent a difference bash made vs the old bourne shell. after this, though, i’m thinking i need to try something else on my debian installs.

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Do give zsh/fish/similar a go! Nu if you’re feeling fancy, though it’s quite different.

Fwiw, Atuin only supports bash because lots of people use it. If that wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t be worth all the hassle to support.

time for a(nother) shell revolution! :grin:

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