Search ignoring commands?

I’m loving Atuin, and it’s very quickly become such an integral part of my shell use.

But I keep getting some strange results with the Search (accessed by pushing the up arrow or Ctrl-R).

I default to the SESSION search, so I can quickly press up arrow & enter. But it often doesn’t have the previous command showing.

So here is my shell:

And I start my search:

And you can see that the previous command in the shell isn’t shown.

But if I enter the first character of the command:

This also happens for DIRECTORY:

But enter the first character:

Am I doing something wrong?

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Not at all. This may well be a bug.

Could you let me know the following please:

  1. What version of Atuin are you using?
  2. What shell are you using? If bash, are you using bash-preexec or blesh? (it will be the former if you’re not sure)
  3. What OS are you using?

Thank you!

Thanks for the response, Ellie.

Version: 17.2.1
Shell: bash with blesh
OS: Ubuntu 22.04

I only made a few changes to the ~/.config/atuin/config.toml file:

dialect =  "uk"
filter_mode_shell_up_key_binding =  "session"
ctrl_n_shortcuts = true
common_subcommands = [

As an aside, that “svn” doesn’t seem to change anything for the stats. I still get “svn” as a command.

Should I add these as issues in Github? I’m always wary of doing that, some projects aren’t … kind about bug reports that aren’t bugs.

If you’re happy to! It does sound a bit like a bug to me. Happy to discuss here though and I can file the bug later.

I get why some projects don’t take it well (it can be annoying to have issues used as a support forum), which is why I set up this forum. But I would rather people reached out for help via any method, than didn’t reach out at all. Issues or otherwise :slight_smile:

Anyways this issue. I’m struggling to replicate it atm. How quickly after running the command are you pressing the up arrow? And if I could trouble you for a video, that would be SUPER helpful.

Sorry for the late response - I try not to go near the computer on the weekends.

I think I have worked out what the commonality is between the commands that go missing. They are commands that I have used in another session after I used the command in this session.

So it’s easy to reproduce:

  • Open two terminals
  • in the first type “echo hello”
  • run interactive session search to confirm it is there
  • in the second, type “echo hello”
  • in the first, run interactive session search to confirm it is not there
  • enter ‘e’ and it appears

Using atuin search --filter-mode session shows the command, but the interactive search doesn’t.

I’ve downloaded and compiled the latest git version and can confirm it happens there too.


ah! thanks for providing those steps - I’ve replicated the issue. will get it sorted soon :pray:

With this patch, I can no longer replicate the issue

Does that solve it for you?

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Excellent, that fixes it, thanks Ellie!

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