Set different inline_height for up key and ctrl+r

as the title says, is there a way to set a different inline_height when pressing the up-key as opposed to ctrl+r? I like the full UI for ctrl+r, but when I use the up-key I generally want my shell output still visible

nope, it is not possible.

As said, it’s not possible at the moment. I think it would be a pretty neat feature though, and I’d be happy to review a PR for it

I am more than happy to create a PR, but I think it makes sense to have the “new” settings in place. Otherwise the current config file is getting more and more convoluted. I also find it a bit problematic that some settings do not belong to a table. I believe tables like [client], [main], [server], [history], … would be beneficial.

I can also help with the new settings, but no decisions have been made regarding format and architecture.

If the decision re format has been made, I can create a preliminary mapping between old and new format (for discussion), and we can go from there.

Ideally yes, but new settings aren’t a particularly high priority for me atm. I don’t think they should block new features.

Replying with settings in another thread!