Show or save commands that were succesful

Hi, how can make Atuin to only search/show commands that were succesful (exit 0) ?

There is atuin search --exit 0 but not, as far as I’m aware, a way to apply this in the TUI ^R search.

This would be a great filter mode for the TUI, but (again like some of the other ideas for new ones) is probably wanted in combination with other options.

Edit: I guess you could atuin search --exclude-exit 0 --delete but that seems a rather drastic way to achieve the result.

As @uep said, it’s currently not possible to apply this to the TUI :confused:

I’ve opened this issue to track: Add enhanced search querying · Issue #1455 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub

In the linked issue I’ve suggested adding filters directly to queries, for instance

cargo build exit:0

rather than another filter mode. I think it would be more flexible that way!

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Thanks for your answers.

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