TLS configuration not working

Just a heads up (sorry for replies on an old thread) - but it appears that this is the only way that’s currently working to enable TLS - doing it via the server.toml doesn’t appear to take. I did verify that the server.toml is being read by setting a different port in it - that seemed to effect the expected change.

edit: sorry, forgot that replies aren’t easy to navigate to the context … “this” refers to setting TLS params via ENV vars. Link: Release v17.2.0 - #4 by ellie

Are you able to share your server.toml?


host = ""
port = 8889
open_registration = true

enabled = true
cert_path = "/certs/fullchain.pem"
pkey_path = "/certs/privkey.pem"

ENV vars (from Docker):

      ATUIN_TLS__ENABLE: "true"
      ATUIN_TLS__CERT_PATH: "/certs/fullchain.pem"
      ATUIN_TLS__PKEY_PATH: "/certs/privkey.pem"

It’s enable, not enabled! If you change that and remove the env vars it should work from the config file :blush:

Aha! Thank you!!

That was copied from the docs, btw :slight_smile:

Whoop! I just pushed a fix, thank you!

No problem! Thank you so much!!

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I have noticed there’s an inconsistency. Both are used: enable and enabled. For sake of consistency, is it possible to use only one? I don’t really care which one, even though I am more partial to enable.

I think realistically it would make more sense to alias them to that either works. I’ve made the mistake enough times too!

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