TZ info in card

I think sometimes it is useful (and also interesting) to see which timezone somebody is in.

Can you maybe add that?

Here’s the admin path:


Enabled! I never enabled it initially due to privacy concerns, but I think it’s a reasonable thing to have.


Thanks for activating it!

I thought about privacy when I activated it on another forum as well. But I came to the conclusion that it’s not really an issue. It doesn’t show me anyone’s location, but a TZ. It’s not as if I could stand in front of somebody’s house because of it.

Additionally, people can set their TZ to something else in their profile in case they have a problem with their TZ being public.

Btw, remember the phone books they printed up until 10-20 years ago? (Or actually I haven’t really seen a new phonebook in almost 30 years.) They had names, addresses, and phone numbers. This would be unimaginable these days…