Weekly release 2024.09

Testing release for the 9th week of 2024


This is a pre-release, and is not as tested as a production build

  1. It may not always be easy and without manual steps to downgrade from a weekly build to the last stable. It will be possible to upgrade automatically to the next stable after a weekly.
  2. Weekly builds are more likely to contain bugs or regressions. They are unlikely to lose data, but do be cautious when running the bleeding edge.
  3. Weekly builds may contain functionality not yet in a production release. Please let us know what you think!


You can download binaries here: Release · atuinsh/atuin@38dfaab · GitHub

Download, extract, and put atuin somewhere in your PATH.

Alternatively, run

cargo install --git https://github.com/atuinsh/atuin --tag weekly


248213bf fix: ensure sync time is saved for sync v2 (#1758)
05857c1c fix: check session file exists for status command (#1756)
cf2cbd23 refactor(alias): Clarify operation result for working with aliases (#1748)
6a885cf4 feat: add alias feedback and list command (#1747)
21fee97a fix(import/zsh-histdb): missing or wrong fields (#1740)
3c375cad feat: add history prune subcommand (#1743)
56b971ae feat(client): add config option keys.scroll_exits (#1744)
3d82adad chore(deps): bump lukemathwalker/cargo-chef (#1705)
409456fc fix: typo (#1741)
1c29702e refactor(nushell): update `commandline` syntax, closes #1733 (#1735)
2a65f89c feat: change fulltext to do multi substring match (#1660)


Nothing specific

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Running Atuin v18.0.1 - Build rev 248213bf3eafdf53ac60b872aa1e454f334a288f on Zsh.

I noticed that when one deletes a command from the history through the TUI inspector interface, the History count in atuin states decreases, as expected, but the number Deleted history count does not decrease. It remains the same. Looking through the code, I say the counts are calculated correctly. So the numbers are not modified correctly when the delete operation is performed? Not sure.

For example, before deletion:

History count: 22301
Deleted history count: 361

and after deleting two entries:

History count: 22299
Deleted history count: 361

The same happens when running atuin search ... --delete.

However, as far as I can tell, the number of deleted commands has been modified since I last checked it. Not sure whether to the correct value, but it did change. Maybe I just do not understand what the value represents and this is the expected behaviour.

Thanks! (I moved this over from the other topic, which is now closed)

We’re going to have to drop the deleted history count in newer versions.

Deleted history does not make its way into history.db any more. Previously, it had the values blanked but was still there. This is why the main count decreases with sync v2, but sync v1 incremented the deleted count.

You only have a deleted count because you used atuin with sync v1. If you were to delete and rebuild your history store, it would show as 0 deleted.

If you’d like to try (take a backup of ~/.local/share/atuin first if you’re paranoid, though that shouldn’t be required)

rm ~/.local/share/atuin/history.db*
atuin store rebuild history

Thank you. It works. The deleted history count is correctly reset now.

Furthermore, I have been using the current weekly commit and the newer commits as well, and everything works as expected so far. No errors discovered as of now.

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