Weekly release 2024.10

Testing release for the 10th week of 2024


This is a pre-release, and is not as tested as a production build

  1. It may not always be easy and without manual steps to downgrade from a weekly build to the last stable. It will be possible to upgrade automatically to the next stable after a weekly.
  2. Weekly builds are more likely to contain bugs or regressions. They are unlikely to lose data, but do be cautious when running the bleeding edge.
  3. Weekly builds may contain functionality not yet in a production release. Please let us know what you think!


You can download binaries here: Release · atuinsh/atuin@3d6b163 · GitHub

Download, extract, and put atuin somewhere in your PATH.

Alternatively, run

cargo install --git https://github.com/atuinsh/atuin --tag weekly


3d6b1635 fix(tz): attempt to fix timezone reading (#1810)
f9fa441d fix(regex): disable regex error logs (#1806)
9933220d feat(ui): Add config setting for showing tabs (#1755)
515f78fa feat: Guard against ancient versions of bash where this does not work. (#1794)
fe2bb086 chore(deps): update flake.lock (#1801)
291791ee fix(sync): check store length after sync, not before (#1805)
aec5df41 feat: support regex with r/.../ syntax (#1745)
897af9a3 fix: missing characters in preview (#1803)
f4492822 feat: add checks for common setup issues (#1799)
6d62749e feat: add atuin doctor (#1796)
5f0e6dd3 feat(nushell): add nushell completion generation (#1791)
593dc410 fix(nushell): readd up-arrow keybinding, now with menu handling (#1770)
9def30b3 chore(deps): bump env_logger from 0.10.2 to 0.11.2 (#1781)
22a9b497 feat: add `CTRL+[` binding as `<Esc>` alias (#1787)
94c85c31 feat(stats): add linux sysadmin commands to common_subcommands (#1784)
cc964861 feat(stats): Normalize formatting of default config, suggest nix (#1764)
d9ba2a00 chore(deps): `cargo update` (#1777)
1f88c9b0 chore(deps): flake.lock: Update (#1780)
81e7b585 feat(nix): add update action (#1779)
b0062cdb chore(deps): bump debian (#1734)
a3743f84 fix(stats): Enable multiple command stats to be shown using unicode_segmentation (#1739)
43a1d3a8 feat: Add '/', '?', and 'I' bindings to vim-normal mode (#1760)
d7582b62 feat: Add PHP package manager "composer" to list of default common subcommands (#1757)
91ddcd60 fix(client): no panic on empty inspector (#1768)
cf09464d chore(release): prepare for release v18.0.2 (#1775)


It would be good if you could test regex search, and atuin doctor.

For the former, put a regex into your search bar with the following syntax r/a regex/

For the latter, run atuin doctor. It should list some information about your system, and may suggest solutions to issues (though hopefully you have no issues)

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Tested on commits from the weekly tag up to the latest 8e9e7b92a3fe514b706d7fb372f8f31ad3168743.

I played with the regexes for a few days, and they seem to respond well. I very much appreciate that r/a regex already searches through the history without having to insert the ending /. Regexes work as expected with multitude of regex tokens.

I think support for regex searches should be also added to atuin search, something like atuin search "r/a regex" should be supported for consistency between the TUI and command line interface.

atuin doctor lists correct information about the system, with no issues in my case. It seems to work well.

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Brilliant, thank you!

Ah, good point. Will see about sorting that

Glad doctor works ok for you!