What happens to history when converting a subset of systems to Sync v2?

If I have existing history in Sync v1 from various machines (call them A, B, C), and convert some machines (say, A & B) to Sync v2 (add records = true, run atuin sync on those systems), are the commands previously submitted by machine C (still running Sync v1, but previously synced commands machines A & B would have seen) be tracked in the Sync v2 data?

I’m mostly interested here because I suspect I have some data that was synced to Sync v1 from machines that no longer exist.

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Yes - all data that was known about by A and B will be migrated to sync v2, including that of C. And any other machines that may no longer exist!

When a machine enables sync v2, it checks to see if it needs to import anything across. The entire history database is considered, not just what came from that one machine. Each history record has a globally unique ID, so it’s easy to check if it’s already been imported.

Though I would try and enable it on all machines at the same time, if possible