What's your setup?

My setup is not super customized, so as to have less moving parts and less to go wrong.


I use zsh on macOS, with iTerm. With zsh

  • Atuin (obviously :sweat_smile:)
  • Starship, for a fast + informative shell prompt
  • zsh syntax highlighting


I used NeoVim for years, with a whole bunch of config. But every few months my config would fall out of date and break :frowning_face: So now I use LunarVim, which is basically just preconfigured nvim! I like its defaults.


I’m using an M1 Macbook pro with a Moonlander keyboard + dell ultrawide monitor



  • NixOS for fully-declarative and reproducible system configuration
  • nu for better shell syntax and structured data
  • atuin for magical cross-host shell history
  • starship for pretty colours and info
  • alacritty with nerdfonts so stuff is nice to look at
  • screen because I like terminals so I have terminals in my terminals
  • mosh so connections to terminals don’t break
  • direnv with nix-direnv so I have tools and settings magically appear in the projects where I need them
  • pueue for job scheduling and log capture
  • zfs for safe storage of all data
  • syncthing for file sync between machines
  • znapzend for snapshots and replicated backups


Void Linux, I’m a package maintainer there :smile:


  • zsh
  • sheldon to manage what few zsh plugins I use
  • wezterm
  • zellij the modern tmux
  • starship
  • zoxide like atuin but for cd
  • atuin ofc
  • vivid LS_COLORS helper to use color theme in ls and friends
  • Commit Mono font


Former VSCode fan converted to NeoVim with a so far self-managed config started off kickstart.nvim


Ohhh. I didn’t know about that one! It may tempt me away from lvim :thinking: Have you customized it much?

a whole lot: dotfiles/init.lua at master - dotfiles - Codeberg.org

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Windows 11, I don’t have the time to setup linux and use some programs that are only available on windows.


nu: it’s good and on windows
atuin: syncing to laptop and I like the ui
starship: it looks good
alacritty: it works on windows and is fast, and simple. Would prefer something like kitty for tabs, but most terminals that work on windows are slow and dont work well with the font that I use.


neovim: I have a custom config because I cant be bothered to try and learn another config. I almost never update anything because the config will probably break


Some ryzen processor with 16gb of ram. Currently using a plank ez and love it.

atuin: syncing to laptop and I like the ui


Currently using a plank ez and love it.

Ahh I have a Planck too! I don’t use it as much any more, but for a few years it was my fave. Nice choice :sunglasses:

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From the others people have posted I’m going to have to try a whole load of new things, I’ll have to give nushell another try and zoxide looks like it could replace the wd plugin I’m using now.


  • zsh
  • Starship for the prompt
  • Fzf for fuzzy file finding (and until recently for history search - trying to adopt atuin now, hence arriving here)
  • pueue for backgrounding long running stuff
  • zr for managing zsh plugins although I only use a handful (fzf, syntax-highlighting, bd, wd)
  • wezterm for the terminal. With shortcuts to select paths, git hashes, links, ticket references etc. Tried both kitty and alacritty for a while but wezterm has been far better in my experience.
  • chezmoi to keep it all in sync. Took me ages to get around to setting it up but it works well now I’ve figured out the separation of repo and actual dot files. I like that the dotfiles used are completely unaware that they’re being tracked, they’re not symlinks or in a repo or anything.
  • Rofi for launching everything. Not really terminal related but I think of it in the same category as fzf and atuin.


Vim for years, then switched to NeoVim a couple of years ago when the LSP support took off and I didn’t have to run node stuff to make it work. The config is a pain but at least I only have to maintain it once thanks to chezmoi.


At home I’m using an old i5 based desktop I built in ~2014 and a newer Ryzen7 lenovo laptop from last year.

I have a ‘Rosewill’ keyboard because it was the cheapest I could find with MX blue switches. I’m on the lookout for a new one though so I’m open to suggestions. UK layout, either blue or brown switches preferably, fullsize with keypad and ideally bluetooth LE. Anyone know what keychron switches are like?


As another Void user, thank you for doing this. I was so happy to see it in the repo after reading about Atuin on lobste.rs. Using fish/tmux/neovim across 4 different work/home machines.

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This is admittedly off-topic, but came here via a search for making starship work with atuin, so I’ll continue for now.
Have a Keychron K4 for daily driving since it was in Kickstarter (3 years? ish), aluminium body with Gateron yellows, touch noisy (for an office) but love it. Mild wear on key coating where I rest (Ctrl)/hammer (W,S).
It was like £70 where the next nearest like a Ducky was easily twice the price, and I would get it again.

On the topic of Atuin, I did get starship and Atuin running concurrently and thank you for confirming it here :sweat_smile:

I’m not fancy :slight_smile:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T580 and P1 Gen4
  • Fedora latest stable, rn 39
  • Keychron K8
  • Logitech MX Master 3
  • Philips 499P9H 32:9 monitor
  • zsh
  • starship because I made many mistakes with git in the past
  • i3wm
  • Polybar
  • Kitty terminal
  • Iosevka on IDE, Cascadia Mono Powerline on terminal
  • Firefox
  • Most recently, incorporated atuin :slight_smile:
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A mishmash of envrionments and setup (just like my brain):


  • DroidSansM Nerd Font
  • Windows Terminal on Windows when possible
    I’ve used Tabby in the past, Windows Terminal won me over.
  • On Linux I’ve used alacritty where I had a choice
    (best option I found to run zelilij).
  • When at work, enterprise firewalls block connection to non-web ports:
    So my terminal there is Guacamole in MS Edge.
    Extremely limited, but amazing tech.


  • Windows: PowerShell
    Linux: bash / zsh / pwsh -
    I really like pwsh, but it’s a ‘big ask’ for systems that are not my own.
    I’m comfortable with zsh and bash - no real preference there.
    Nu looks really interesting, trying it up for size from time to time.
  • LogSeq - using this more and more, really liking it.
  • chezmoi (as close to perfect as can be)
  • NeoVim / Visual Studio Code on Windows

Linux only:

  • zellij (an interesting take on tmux)
  • Prompt pimping: oh-my-posh - the go based one.
  • Atuin - recently started using this. :+1:

Daily driver hardware:

  • Alienware Aurora R5 | i7 6th gen | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
    (still running strong since 2016, recently upgraded form 16GB to 64GB :tada:)
  • A 42" 4K cheap SHARP TV from 2019’s black friday (less than $150 !)
  • Windows 11
  • Keeps everything updated with winget and wingetui

Other machines

Got at least 5 other machines running Linux around the house, another Windows machine for the spouse and a few remote systems I manage, 2 remote ones are mine, at least 6 other of friends and family.

TrueNAS SCALE, ProxMox, debian, ubuntu, Pop!_OS

Work day is mostly in a Windows machine that I do not manage, but when I need to escape to my machines, I do so through Guacamole installed on a TrueNAS SCALE server at home.

TIL about LogSeq! Super cool. How do you use it?

Personally I’m a big fan of Obsidian, but love that kind of thing

First I learned about Obsedian (somewhere online) and I was intrigued, and searched for FOSS options.
There are a few, LogSeq was the one I found was very mature, had a huge community, and the one that I could sync across devices (using SyncThing), including my Android phone.

The user community has quite a few videos about the philosophy and how to use, and the idea of just dumping anything, anytime into the journal is the correct first step.

The cross referencing and search capabilities along with the habbit of actually writing down whatever I need, is the key.

atuin, in a way, especially with it’s stats, is actually a good companion here, because it will help me identify what I’m doing over and over and over, stuff like that will eventually find it’s way somewhere in my LogSeq brain.

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I’m going to have to check out both zellij and chezmoi


The core of my terminal setup is kitty & tmux, despite the kitty maintainer’s vocal objection to terminal multiplexers. I sometimes do weird things to make them play more nicely together, and would be open to some of the alternatives in this thread!


I’m another Moonlander user, though I admit I didn’t love it until I paired it with the platform. The tenting options were all unsatisfying without that.

While I like to avoid mousing where possible, I’m a forever fan of the Kensington Expert Mouse series of trackballs.


I didn’t know about the kitty maintainer objecting to tmux :thinking:

But likewise about the platform! I was fairly happy with my moonlander, but the platform is what sealed the deal. I overdid the tenting to begin with though :joy:


came here to lurk and learned a few things that i need to checkout for myself - namely starship, chezmoi, and logseq - although i have obsidian set up as my second brain right now and am loving it.

my setup? well, kind of all over the place but:

  • fish shell
  • atuin (of course)
  • iterm2 - discovered yesterday that i can automate my ssh process with profiles so when i hit a certain key binding, iterm2 opens up a new tab on another server and i can cmd-alt-d/h (?? i don’t often use horizontal panes so this key might be wrong) to add panes as needed.
  • neovim - i’ve tried a couple different pre-configured flavours but i like getting my hands dirty so now my neovim config is my own and i’m still learning the ins and outs of it which is half the fun
  • fzf - i used it as my shell history management before atuin and i will be the first to admit that i am not fully aware of its full potential so i’m leaving it installed

… all of that across a macbook and two debian servers

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Depending on the machine, I deal with…

  • debian 12
  • fedora 38
  • ubuntu 22.04


I use these two on a daily basis…

  • bash
  • fish


Also two are frequently used by me…

  • gnome-terminal
  • kmscon (heavily patched by me… even made a talk about it :grin: )