Release v17.2.0

Release v17.2.0 is out now! Thank you to all contributors, new and old :heart_hands:

We have always recommended that self-hosters keep their servers up to date. From this point forwards, this is now enforced. If clients are running a newer major version of Atuin than the server, they will not sync.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix typo (#1439)
  • Don’t require all fields under [stats] (#1437)
  • Disallow deletion if the ‘–limit’ flag is present (#1436)
  • Respect ZSH’s $ZDOTDIR environment variable (#1441)
  • Fix loss of the last output line with enter_accept (#1463)
  • Ignore struct_field_names (#1466)
  • Improve the support for enter_accept with (#1465)
  • Discord link expired
  • Discord broken link
  • Fix small issues of enter_accept for the plain Bash (#1467)
  • Time now_local not working
  • Fix quirks on search cancel (#1483)
  • Zsh_autosuggest_strategy for no-unset environment (#1486)
  • Fix error by the use of ${PS1@P} in bash < 4.4 (#1488)
  • Zsh use a special format to escape some characters (#1490)


  • Add actuated linkback
  • Add link to forum
  • Align setup links in docs and readme (#1446)
  • Add Void Linux install instruction (#1445)
  • Add fish install script (#1447)
  • Correct link
  • Fix light/dark mode logo
  • Use picture element for logo
  • Add docs for zsh-autosuggestion integration (#1480)
  • Remove stray character from README
  • Update logo (#1481)


  • Add semver checking to client requests (#1456)
  • Add TLS to atuin-server (#1457)
  • Integrate with zsh-autosuggestions (#1479)
  • Support high-resolution duration if available (#1484)
  • Provide auto-complete source for (#1487)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Remove issue config (#1433)
  • Remove issue template (#1444)


  • Factorize __atuin_accept_line (#1476)
  • Refactor and optimize __atuin_accept_line (#1482)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: Comparing v17.1.0...v17.2.0 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub


There’s a small issue with this release, currently fixed in main

This is now also released in patch v17.2.1

The TLS config defaults are not quite setup properly, so self hosted users will need to add

enable = false
cert_path = ""
pkey_path = ""

to their config.

I’d consider a patch release, but IMO as this affects self hosted users only I think it’s enough to provide documentation on the release notes.

This is a bit tough for those of us self-hosting via Docker, since the Docker version doesn’t directly expose its configuration file (yes, I know that /config is set as the ATUIN_CONFIG_PATH, but it’s not explicitly called out as a mount, and it’s not pre-populated with a config file).

I would not mind a 17.2.1 :smiley:

(I’ll hold back on .1 with no problem, so feel free to ignore this)

It is also configurable via env!


But in any case, I’ve released the patch

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What is the behaviour in this case? Will the client get any warning or a silent lack of syncing (or something else)?

The client gets a descriptive warning!


  1. It’ll only really happen when self hosted users forget to update their server
  2. It’ll also only happen for major versions, which I’ll be doing much less frequently now
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