Release v18.3.0-prerelease.1

I’ve slightly adjusted the release format, as described in Packaging changes for 18.3.0


This is a pre-release, and is not as tested as a production build

  1. It may not always be easy and without manual steps to downgrade from a prerelease build to the last stable. It will be possible to upgrade automatically to the next stable after a prerelease.
  2. Prerelease builds are more likely to contain bugs or regressions. They are unlikely to lose data, but do be cautious when running the bleeding edge.
  3. Prerelease builds may contain functionality not yet in a production release. Please let us know what you think!


You can download prerelease binaries here: Release v18.3.0-prerelease.1 · atuinsh/atuin · GitHub

I would also appreciate if the installer could be tested

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -LsSf | sh

This will download a binary to ~/.atuin/bin/atuin, and add it to PATH. It will also install a binary called atuin-update, which will update users to the latest stable version by default. atuin-update --prerelease will update to the latest prerelease

Otherwise, the following command will work

cargo install --git atuin --tag v18.3.0-prerelease.1


Nothing major to test, but if you could update and let me know if anything has broken! Be sure to restart the daemon, if you’re running it :slight_smile:


c102851e chore(release): v18.3.0-prerelease.1 (#2090)
7ec002ba chore: switch to cargo dist for releases (#2085)
9943c53a fix: Replace serde_yaml::to_string with serde_json::to_string_yaml (#2087)
7e665fc5 chore(deps): `cargo update` (#2083)
1ecc1d20 chore: Add Systemd config for self-hosted server (#1879)
ae841bef chore(deps): flake.lock: Update (#2072)
511d84ce chore(deps): bump serde_yaml from 0.9.32 to 0.9.34+deprecated (#2078)
5f2cc51d chore(deps): raise MSRV to 1.74 to match dependencies (#2069)
df81d275 chore(ci): don't run "Update Nix Deps" CI on forks (#2070)
b05761bb fix(client): better error reporting on login/registration (#2076)
96163c55 feat(doctor): report sqlite version (#2075)
928dce4a chore(deps): bump rmp from 0.8.12 to 0.8.14 (#2079)
b0b1d07c fix(deps): replace parse_duration with humantime (#2074)
83637d96 chore(install): log cargo and rustc version (#2068)
c694a0a6 chore(deps): relax sqlx and argon2 dependencies (#2065)
f6918d9d fix(bash): fix a workaround for bash-5.2 keybindings (#2060)
21109517 fix(stats): generation for commands starting with a pipe (#2058)
4d74e38a chore: handle rate limited responses (#2057)
467f89c1 feat(ui): add login/register dialog (#2056)
15618f19 chore(deps): bump rusty_paseto and rusty_paserk (#2054)
bf278825 fix(ui): fix mistake in last pr (#2053)
b49c73de fix(ui): handle being logged out gracefully (#2052)
1bb63d0f fix: save sync time in daemon (#2051)
a9e1f860 chore(deps): bump tracing-tree from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1 (#2046)
fc4dfe4f feat(ui): use correct username on welcome screen (#2050)
43fb9ca7 chore(deps): bump uuid from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 (#2047)
2e88321a feat: support systemd socket activation for daemon (#2039)
40543eb8 perf: only open the database for commands if strictly required (#2043)
8d99ee0a chore(codespell): ignore CODE_OF_CONDUCT (#2044)
fbd76976 chore(deps): bump the cargo group with 2 updates (#2041)
413d3e36 feat: support importing from replxx history files (#2024)
8dc8448d fix(daemon): do not try to sync if logged out (#2037)
b636be8b chore(deps): bump tokio from 1.36.0 to 1.37.0 (#2033)
ec98f145 chore(deps): bump serde from 1.0.197 to 1.0.202 (#2034)
800cbe55 chore(deps): bump debian (#2036)
32930846 fix: redact password in database URI when logging (#2032)
95c91689 fix: save sync time in daemon (#2029)
64b75816 chore: clarify default config file (#2026)
2e35af1c fix: bogus error message wording (#1283)
34265613 feat(ui): add history explore (#2022)
58f0bd61 fix: alias enable/enabled in settings (#2021)
76722868 chore(deps): bump base64 from 0.21.7 to 0.22.1 (#2017)
b7f55a71 chore(deps): bump clap from 4.5.1 to 4.5.4 (#2019)
5d24fbfa feat(install): add Tuxedo OS (#2018)
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$ atuin-update
Checking for updates...
× There are no stable releases available for atuin

Since I am running the prerelease, this seems strange. Ideally I would like to see a message saying that I am either running a prerelease branch, hence I should run atuin-update --prerelease, or say something along the lines that the current version newer than latest stable release (since semver is used, it should be therefore just a semver_compare(current_version, latest_stable_version_from_repo)).

Also, I as a user would appreciate printing the current version of Atuin above the Checking for updates... line. I think this should give the user a sense of everything working correctly, we are here, and no new updates could be found after the current version (printed above).

The Installer worked fine for me, too. However, if we have an installer, I would highly appreciate if atuin-update uninstall subcommand (or flag) was added which would revert the changes made by the installer, that is, remove the binaries from ~/.atuin/bin/.

Otherwise, playing with atuin-update, and the installer works as expected for me.

There are currently no stable releases that the updater is able to use, because we have only built a prerelease with the new build method. Once stable has been released with it, things should settle down

That would make sense! Uninstall sounds like a good idea too, though I’m not sure how feasible it is to have a binary delete itself.

Glad it’s working otherwise! Thanks for testing

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